Sacred Destination

Prepare a presentation about a sacred place in mythology; for example, the Oracle at Delphi or the Mahabodhi Temple. This place may or may not currently exist. Imagine this presentation is like a travel guidebook—letting someone from outside of the culture know what he or she should expect to find if they were to visit the mythical place.

Create a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. There should be a minimum of 4-5 sentences per set of speaker notes. Please label each slide referring to the topic you’re addressing. Example: write “Comparison” for the slide and speaker notes comparing your sacred site with a similar sacred place. The use of images is encouraged. Ensure you include:
• An explanation of the mythological origins, history, and functions of the place
• A description of any sacred objects and attributes associated with the deities and mythological origins of this place and the symbolism of these objects as used by contemporary people and cultures
• For example, Apollo’s snake and lyre or Buddha’s bodhi tree
• A comparison of this place to those that serve similar functions in other cultures
• For example, mountaintops, temples, burial sites or memorials, and so on.
• An explanation of the relevance of this place and these objects in contemporary culture—consider the following questions:
• What significance do these places or things hold in the minds and emotions of the people?
• How do these places or things connect to mythological stories from that culture?
• What is the role of place and the associated objects?
• A list of the most important facts to know about the surrounding culture, such as:

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