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The essay should be divided in two separate topics which can be done as two different essays about 750 words each. The first half,
1)The Russian Empire was once part of the Mongolian Empire founded by Genghis Khan. Many people have played up the idea that the Mongols retarded Russian economic and cultural development by cutting Russia off from Europe and European development. What is pax Mongolica? How would you characterize the Mongol legacy in Russian history? Why is it important to study the Mongols if you want to understand the history of the Russian Empire and Russian imperial expansion?
the second one
2Prompt #2
Thanks to taking a long view of Russian imperial history, we were able to trace the history of serfdom from its earliest forms of development to its final days. What was Russian serfdom? How did it emerge, what did it look like, and why did it come to an end? What social and political legacies dictated the limitations of serf emancipation?

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