Russian Air Power In Syria : Lesson Learned For Western Militaries

Aim: How significant and influential is Russian Air Power in Syria and what are the key takeaways? (Can be change after agreement)

Research questions: (Can be change after agreement)

1) How integrated is the Russian Air Domain with others sub-domains, technology and support elements in the effective conduct of Air Power (Operations?) in Syria?

2) What is the Russian Air Domain’s key enabler in achieving Air Dominance in Syria and how did pitfalls if any, hamper their air campaign?

3) What are the lessons learnt for the Russian Military, and what are the critical takeaways for Western forces with regard to future operations?

Chapter (What must include)

  1. Introduction (3000 words)
    • How to approach
    • Air Power Theory (2k)
  2. Intervention (3000 words)
    • Russia as major actor in Middle East
  3. Military Campaign (3500 words)
    • Include battle of Aleppo as a case study
    • Include UAV Operation
    • Include Weapon technology (High Precision Guided Weapon)
    • Can compare with Western operation if possible (Iraqi Freedom)
  4. Lesson Learned (3000 words)
  5. Conclusion (1500 words)



  • Clear segregation of books, journal article, dissertation, Electronic source (with date of accessed), presentation by alphabetical order each part.
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