Rural livelihood in an era of globalization

  1. Half pages for the introduction
  2. 2-3pages for the summary section. What is the author trying to achieve in writing the article (i.e., the overall purpose and Specific objectives)? How is the paper organized or what key issue does the author address? What basic ideas, facts or arguments does the author present and how are they used to support the goal(s) of the paper?
    What method of research is employed (if any) and what results are presented? What does the author conclude about the topic under investigation (eg., argumentative or empirically)?
  3. 4-5 pages for critical thinking. Is the author’s purpose clearly set out and integrated throughout the paper? Is there any discussion of background literature or some other effort to contextualize the problem in academic or practical terms? If employed, is there a method of investigation suited to the problem and are the results relevant to the objectives of the paper? What is the perception of the organization of the paper, that is, the flow of ideas, information, and conclusions? Are the conclusions or implications informative, thought-provoking….?
    Note: It is important to review other relevant literature in order to a better understanding and the issues under consideration and gain greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the paper.
  4. 1 and a half – 2 pages for final comments. What is your overall assessment of the paper and it’s contributions to the field of study? How does the author’s work compare to other research of writing on the topic? What other aspects of the problem or issue require further attention, especially as an extension of the ideas presented in the paper under review?
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