Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention Address

Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention Address

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The analysis should focus on both language Obama is using and also include analysis his body structure, eg how is he standing, gesture. Please identify the type of the speech first, ie either social,Persuasion,Impromptu,Informative. This analysis should have specific information about the speech (what specifically was “touching” or “practical” about a certain example? In terms of explaining this speech is very attractive and very emotional, the reason need to be specified. Analysis of the speech’s structure also need to be included. The advantages and disadvantages of the speech also need to be included.

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The explain of what is rhetorical analysis is explained by the attach file.

Watch, analyze and evaluate one of the available speeches.
Write a formal essay—incl. thesis statement, properly constructed paragraphs and a conclusion.
Evaluate the effectiveness of a given speech (purpose, rhetorical elements, delivery, etc).
focus on those elements that are most significant for the speech .
use appropriate course terminology and discuss meaningful aspects of the speech.

Rhetorical Analysis Assignment
The evaluation of this assignment will be based on:
The correctness, clarity and style of the writing.
Your identification of significant elements of the speech, and your general ability to engage meaningfully with the speech.
The extent to which your evaluation is supported by a perceptive and persuasive discussion of the elements of the speech you have chosen to focus on.

The Rhetorical Triangle
?    Logos:
?    Logic
?    Consistency
?    Pathos:
?    Emotions
?    Imagination
?    Ethos:
?    Trust
?    Credibility

?    Logos: logical argument (evidence: stats, reasoning, etc.)—e.g., texting while driving: more accidents than DUIs
?    Ethos: authorial expertise signposted—scholar produces research on impact of distracted driving (do we trust credentials, is study unbiased, etc.)
?    Pathos: appeals to emotions, values of audience (refer to families, victims of accidents; unnecessary loss of life)

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