Rhetorical Analysis

Academic Level: Bachelor
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Diet topic: Are artificial sweeteners (e-g-. NutraSweet) just as likely to cause obesity and other obesity related ill-health effects compared to caloric
sweeteners (e.g., table sugar or high fructose corn syrup). Recently. there has been evidence that consumption of artiflcial sweeteners is strongly
linked with obesity. The question is whether or not a non-caloric food source can actually cause bodily reactions that will increase the likelihood of
gaining weight (or at least inhibit weight loss) or if the correlation between artiflcial sweeteners and obesity is a spurious one (i.e… fat people tend to
simply ingest more artiflcial sweeteners because they are fat in the flrst place). This is a very good topic treatment overall since there is a lot of
research associated with it to pick and choose from.
Article to use for the rhetorical analysis of Report #12
https://www.dropbox-com/s/ouktaon3fbuasw1lparadox%20of%2oar1iflcial%205weeteners.pdf? dl=0
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