Returning Home of Second Generation

Returning Home of Second Generation
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This is a Methodological part of my thesis. The thesis should explain:
1) Explaining Narrative research and the reason for choosing narrative research.
2)Source of data: Primary and secondary.
3) explaining qualitative méthodes and narrative interviewing.
4) who are second generation Iraqi Kurds.
5) Ethical consideration.

shall spend six months conducting 30 interviews in Kurdish, Arabic, German and English, where several hundred Kurdish second-generation returnees, who has born and grow up in Europe and neighboring countries, are estimated to be living in Iraqi Kurdistan. I shall select second-generation of various socio-economic statuses, from different ages and genders. Myself will later translate the transcripts into English.

have been working as a lecturer at Sulaimanya University for about three years. I exchanged ideas with other researchers at the University of Sulaimanya where I am teaching. I gained useful insights by building contact with second-generation who are back to Kurdistan.

also met Iraqi Kurdish researcher, politician, writers, academics, students and aid workers who gave me further insights into the issues I shall explore. I am confident that I will find appropriate informants for my project.

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