Result slip (LA012621)

Result slip (LA012621)

Assignment 1
This unit provides the opportunity for students to apply
•    Conduct case management meetings
•    Manage case work activities and processes
•    Develop an appropriate approach to case management
•    Develop an appropriate case management plan

How you will be graded
This is a graded unit.
The learner result is based on the evidence provided to meet the criteria for competence as specified in the unit of competency. Learners will receive either result of CD, CC, AC or NC representing Distinction or Credit or Competent or Not yet Competent respectively.
Where the unit contributes to the course grading, a nominal mark is used to calculate the final course grade.  The nominal mark is:
Distinction        88
Credit            75
Competent        61
Not yet Competent    44
The following grading criteria definitions describe the level of competency expected to be demonstrated by the learner.

Not Yet Competent – NC

The learner demonstrates some skills but does not satisfy all the skills and knowledge required to meet the performance criteria specific to the unit.

The learner only uses basic reflective skills and is unable to link the knowledge to theory.

Competency – AC

The learner demonstrates basic skills and knowledge and has satisfactorily met the performance criteria specific to the unit.  This can be demonstrated in a range of situations.

The learner uses known information, uses basic reflective skills with a limited reference to theory.

Credit – CC

The learner demonstrates effective skills and knowledge and is able to independently meet the performance criteria, specific to the unit. This can be demonstrated in a wide range of situations.

The learner applies detailed information to new situations using intermediate reflective skills that link to research and theory.

Distinction – CD

The learner demonstrates skills and knowledge and is able to consistently, effectively and independently meet the performance criteria specific to the unit.  This can be demonstrated in an extensive range of situations with creativity.

The learner researches and applies new information and is able to synthesise information and adapt it to new situations.

The learner can clearly analyse information using high level reflective skills that link to research and theory.

Task: Case management plan
The purpose of this assessment is for students to have an opportunity to demonstrate skills in
•    Managing case work activities and processes
•    Developing an appropriate approach to case management
•    Developing an appropriate case management plan
Students are required to submit a written case management plan developed for a client that identifies and outlines the issues and principles relevant to the case management process.
The plan should be approximately 1500 words.
Students may use a case that they are currently working on as part of their work placement or paid work. Alternatively students can develop the plan using the attached case study .The student is to assume they are the Case Manager.

The following areas are to be addressed in the report:

1.    What is the role of the case manager:
•    in the agency
•    in the  case plan
•    with the client
•    with stakeholders and significant others
Marks 20
2.    What are the roles of significant others involved in the case plan.

Marks 20
3.    A written case plan for the client that includes the following:
•    an assessment summary of the client
•    the needs to be addressed by the case plan
•    realistic goals determined by the client – description of immediate, short term and long term goals
Marks 30
4.    An action plan that includes
•    strategies to achieve goals
•     roles and responsibilities  for achieving each goal
•    Strategies used to monitor  progress towards goals
•    Time frames for the action plan
•    An overview of client rights
•    On overview of  legislation and policy that might be relevant to the  case
•    procedures for case closure
Marks 30
Case Study
Robbie is fifteen. He has been in foster care situations since he was eight years old. In fact at the last count they numbered around 45. He has run away from his last foster home and says that he is tired of being dumped with families who don’t even care about him. He has been on the streets for the last two weeks, and was picked up by the police for attempting to steal various food items at a service station.
You are a community service worker in a community based accommodation and support service for young people. Robbie has been referred to your agency for case management. You have met with him on a number of occasions, but he has generally been uncommunicative, and not enthusiastic about receiving your support. Robbie says very little. Most questions addressed to him he answers in monosyllables.
There is a number of significant other people involved in Robbie’s case
His foster parents: The foster parents are long term, experienced carers who have cared for many young people in similar situations to Robbie. They are committed to caring for Robbie but have suggested that they are unable to continue because of Robbie’s lack of cooperation
His natural father: Robbie has recently reconnected with his father who is trying to re-establish a relationship. He would be keen to take on Robbie’s care but you are aware that he is not a position to do so. You are aware that he is currently receiving services from a local drug and alcohol service.
The school counsellor: has developed a relationship with Robbie and is keen to see his return to school however he has stated that Robbie needs to commit and cooperate for that to be an option
Robbie is angry with his father but is keen to live with him .It is clear from his comments that Robbie would do this only if it is under his terms. He is ambivalent about his return to school. Although he knows that that school is a good option for many reasons he is struggling so much with day to day survival he does not feel able to focus on school work.

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