Response paper on the issue of creation and evolution

Response paper on the issue of creation and evolution

Both the creation viewpoint and evolution viewpoint offer models as explanations for how things came about (origins) and the associated processes involved. In general terms these two positions can be defined in this way:

CREATION puts forth the view that the universe, the solar system, the earth and all basic plant and animal types were brought into existence by special creative processes (divine action). While creation acknowledges that God, who is absolutely free, has infused the universe with a measure of freedom, this freedom operates within the limits of what we have discovered as physical laws. In the creation view biological variation that has occurred since the original creation has been restricted within the limits of each created kind.

EVOLUTION puts forth the view that the universe, solar system, Earth and all forms of life have come into existence through slow, naturalistic (without divine action), spontaneous processes that still operate and guide the operation of the universe today. All living things are said to have arisen from a single source which itself arose from inorganic matter, and ultimately from matter and energy.

You are going to prepare a response paper on the issue of creation and evolution. This paper should clearly articulate what you believe to be the more valid, accurate position. You have examined a variety of material supporting one or the other viewpoint. Go to the next segment of this activity for instructions regarding how to write your response on Evolution versus Creation.


Title page
Paragraph format
1″ margins
12-point font
4 pages in length
Proper citations (APA writing style)


Your response (what you believe) on Evolution/Creationism regarding the issue of which view you believe to be more valid and why.


This assignment will acquaint you with two models of thought regarding origins. It will help you communicate your personal opinion on which view you think is correct.

Post as:

Response Paper


Sentence 1: Topic sentence


Sentence 2: Main point 1


Sentence 3-4: Supporting details
Sentence 5:
Main point 2
Supporting details
Etc.: And so on . . .
Last sentence: A summary statement


Use a minimum of four sources to support your main points. You may use web sites, magazines, the Bible, or other books. Use APA Guidelines.


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