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Respond to the post(s) of another student below (1 and 2) and compare your experienced to others experienced post. Please provide a 250 words each of the statement below (





Post 11. This reflection may differ a little from other students. I have read your posts about your experiences, and its a great tool for external students to connect and gain a little knowledge about what everyone has been up to! It’s been a great read, and well done to everyone for getting over the finish line!I’ve been at this degree for 3.5 years. I’m a peri-operative trained scrub/scout EEN and have been since 2009. I’ve had two starts at this degree. The first time I stopped for family reasons, the second time, family issues came up again, but I pushed on, as it has been important to show my kids that if you work hard, the reward is so much sweeter. The support i’ve had from family, friends, my co-workers (yes, even my surgeons have been awesome!) preceptors, and most of all, my unit co-ordinators, has left me feeling such heartfelt gratitude.My placements have consolidated different nursing skills, opened up a range of topics that I have openly discussed about what kind of nurse I want to be. The truth is, I know I’m a theatre nurse at heart. I will go back to my position and continue on, however, I’ve now extended myself into post-op recovery, simply because of the learning experiences I was able to gain through this course. I will take on more responsibilities, and be a proactive mentor for any students that come through. Another placement took me by surprise, and that was community nursing. My placement was part of the Lakeside Breast Care team who are engaged with every facet of the nursing skills I have been learning about these last few years. I wasn’t expectng to be challenged, and rewarded in many ways such as patient communication, being part of the care team, from the oncologists, psychologists, nutritionists, the surgeons, and finally the breast care nurse. What an intergral part of the team she is. I envisioned myself in that role, and it was definetly a choice I would be looking at.  My time on the surgical wards have me thinking that I would like to keep up my skills in terms of medication administration. I’ve learned I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one category of nursing. I don’t want to de-skill in these areas.My time in mental health was an important learning experience. Although it wasn’t for me in terms of career, I gained a perspective on mental health and understood its relevance in every division of healthcare. I have engaged with mental health patients coming into theatre for surgery, and I had felt a little uncomfortable when engaging with them for different reasons. This placement allowed me to become self aware in my own judgements, and change those so I could fully engage with nursing interventions and the patients. It transformed my placement into an interactive and overall positive experience (Shultz, Bulman, 2013). So now, at the second last day of my final placement in rehab,  and on a tea break, I find myself wondering what I’m going to do after all of this is finished. Firstly I’m taking my kids to Hawaii. Secondly, I am thinking ahead, and asking myself how I can use this knowledge in my workplace. And another thought is what course to do next?


Post 2
2. Clinical placements during  three years study are very beneficial for the nursing students like me. I did my first year clinical placement in Regis Aged care, Second year placement in ward 3A (orthopedics) at Royal Darwin Hospital ,Third year community placement at Casuarina Community Centre Care, third year acute placement in 2a(Surgical and Burns Unit) and currently doing my final year final placement in Operation Theatre (OT) in  Royal Darwin Hospital.
While I was doing my first year placement, I was about to grab basic things about nursing. I learnt to perform vital signs such as doing manual blood pressure, temperature, pain assessment, respiratory rate, heart rate, monitoring blood glucose level. Furthermore, I was also able to know about the normal parameters of the vital signs.   It really was very interesting and exciting to me as everything I was learning was new and important for me.
During my NUR 244 placement I was little nervous as it was the first time doing my clinical placement in hospital settings. As it was  orthopedic  I prepared myself with names of the bones , locations   and  surgical procedures performed  Furthermore, with the continuous support of my preceptor and cdu facilitators I was able to achieve my objectives during my placement. By the end of my placement I was able to take the full load of patient and perform most of the nursing care that falls under my scope of practice. Additionally, the most satisfying part of my placement was I was very competent in administering medications via Intravenous and subcutaneous medication. I was also able to perform wound dressings competently following sterile aseptic technique. I was able to communicate effectively with the patients and team members in the ward. I was also able to look after the patient with total hip replacement, fractures, and learn about blood transfusion.
During my third year acute placement, I was very confident and competent in performing almost all the nursing care to the patients under my scope of practice. I was able to the take the full load patient from the first day of my placement and was able to do the time management. I learnt different types of complex dressings and was able to provide the clinical reasoning behind them. I came to know that nursing is not only having better clinical knowledge, it is a mixture of positive attitude, passion and clinical knowledge. Communication skill plays a vital role while working as a nurse as it is required while communicating with patients and with all the members in the clinical environment.I was also very  pleased to get the positive feedback  and appreciations provided from the patients ,preceptors, clinical managers and facilitator from Charles Darwin University.  The support provided to me during my   placement has helped me to work as a   competent nurse which will be very helpful during my nursing career in the future.
My final placement in Operation theatre was slightly stressful as we are entitled to provide clinical reasoning for everything we do for the patient. It also helped me to know the processes performed before starting the surgery.  We have to be very proactive while being a scrub nurse and read the mind of the surgeon and be prepared to supply the equipment needed .I was able to understand the procedures  and was able to perform all the procedures as a nurse during and after the procedure under the supervision. This placement has shaped me as a nurse who provides clinical reasoning for each and every task performed.
Therefore reflecting on all the placements I had during my nursing study I have found all of them equally interesting and challenging. I have learned all the important nursing skills from all of my placements.  I am happy to work anywhere as a nurse where I can use my knowledge I have achieved during my studies. I will say that the feedback of  satisfactions towards my care and appreciations from all the related personnel has helped me to think like a nurse.Lastly,clinical placement from my point of view is to learn ,experience and apply the knowledge you have learnt.

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