Research Paper

Research Paper

An additional assignment to this class is writing a research paper.  Even though this paper is due later in the semester, you do not want to wait until the last week to put this together.
This paper should be from 3-4 pages long (not including reference page), written in Times New Roman, 12 point Font, double-spaced with margins of 1-inch on top, bottom, left, and right.  Place your name,title, and datein the center of the paper one inch below the top margin.  Your paper should begin two lines below this information.
Please provide references (at least four different sources) on a separate page at the end of your paper.  I would like you to follow APA guidelines for your references (these can be found on the Internet by searching APA guidelines).APA examples will be given on how to reference an article from a web site or an article from the library, a textbook etc.
For your topic, please choose a subject of interest to you from our EHDC textbook.  Find a disease or disease process that you are interested in knowing more about.  Maybe you know someone with a certain disease and you would like to understand this better.
Papers will be graded on your ability to write professionally as well as the information that it contains.  Be sure that you use good grammar and spelling skills.  I have included a rubric below which I will use in grading your paper.
I have included additional information on writing a research paper that you may find helpful.

A term research paper is primarily a record of readings from several sources on a particular subject.
The procedure for writing such a report consists of the following steps:
1.    Choosing a subject(a topic that you are interested in learning more about)
2.    Finding sources of materials(This is where you will research looking for articles, books etc)
3.    Gathering the notes(Put your information together)
4.    Outlining the paper(An outline may be helpful in getting you organized and started)

5.    Writing the first draft
1.    Write the paper around the outline, being sure that you indicate in the first part of the paper what its purpose is.
2.    Follow the old formula:
1.    Tell the reader what you are going to say (statement of purpose)
2.    Say it (main body of the paper)
3.    Tell the reader what you’ve said (statement of summary and conclusion)
6.    Editing the paper
1.    Read it as if it were cold and unfamiliar to you. It is a good idea to do this a day or two after having written the first draft.
2.    Reading the paper aloud is a good way to be sure that the language is not awkward, and that it “flows” properly.
3.    Check for proper spelling, phrasing and sentence construction. Be sure that pronouns clearly refer to nouns.
4.    Check for proper form on footnotes, quotes, and punctuation.

Student Name:
Performance Element
Exemplary    Good    Acceptable    Unacceptable    Possible
Purpose and Focus    Establishes and maintains clear focus; evidence of distinctive voice and/or appropriate tone    Focused on a purpose; evidence voice and/or suitable tone    An attempt to establish and maintain purpose and communicate with the audience    Limited awareness of audience and/or purpose    50
Development of Ideas    Depth and complexity of ideas supported by pertinent details; evidence analysis, reflection and insight    Depth of idea development supported by elaborated, relevant details    Unelaborated idea development; unelaborated and/or repetitious details    Minimal idea development, limited and/or unrelated details    40
References     Use and citation of references (4 or more)within the paper indicate substantial research    Use and citation of references (3-4) within the paper indicate ample research    Some references (2-3) used and cited within the paper indicate some research done.    Few references (2 or fewer) used and cited within the paper indicate weak research.    30
Organization    Careful and/or suitable organization    Logical organization    Lapses in focus and/or coherence    Random or weak organization    20
Sentence Structure    Variety of sentence structure and length    Controlled and varied sentence structure    Simplistic and/or awkward sentence structure    Incorrect or lack of topic and/or ineffective wording and/or sentence structure    20
Grammar and Formatting    The writing is free of errors    Few errors in grammar or format relative to length and complexity    Some errors in grammar and/or format that do not interfere with communication    Errors in grammar and format (e.g., spelling, punctuation, capitalization, headings)    20
Length, Margins, Font, Spacing    Paper is the number of pages specified in the assignment, followed guidelines with correct margins, font, double-spaced            Paper has more or fewer pages than specified in the assignment    20
Totals                    200

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