Research Pape :The Statuette of the lady Tiye

Research Pape :The Statuette of the lady Tiye

The research paper must combine your skills in formal analysis to describe the selected
artwork and then contextualize the artwork with scholarly material. Although the paper
will utilize books and articles from other sources, the central argument for the paper
should be original. The focus of the paper may take on a variety of directions. You may
want to pursue the artwork’s connection to the culture’s commerce, literature, politics,
theater, or even a branch of the math and sciences. Of course, the artwork’s connection to
this topic must be appropriately explicated and related to its historical context.
You may use more than one artwork, but I recommend using as few images as possible

Do not forget to include a bibliography and proper footnote citations

thesis statement: the artwork"the statuette of the lady" was created by using wealthy materials that not only show off the glamour and fashion of the statuette but also demonstrate the Tiye’s significance as a woman in Egyptian history and the relationship to Amenhotep III.

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