RESEARCH Methods – Spain

RESEARCH Methods – Spain

Project description
The data for use in this assignment is GDP, WTI Price, BRENT Price, Inflation and unemployment from a country that you have already been assigned (Spain). Use data from 1990 to 2014 (minimum 30 observations for each variable). The assignment is marked 50% for empirical analysis and 50% for the introduction, overall findings and conclusion. There is maximum word limit of 1500 words.
Harvard reference style (Use foot notes)
The Excel data, Eviews 8 datasets including all generated series and Eviews 8 output files related to the material presented on the assignment needs to be emailed to . by deadline.
In your assignment you are required to investigate the impact of all above explanatory variables on the economic performance of a country that you have already been assigned (Spain). In your analysis you are required to identify the followings:
.1.Plot all variables and comment on graph(s).
.2.Estimate the single regression and multiple regressions by regressing GDP on the above independent variables using least-square method.
.3.Show the coefficients and values of test statistics and discuss the results.
.4.Repeat the multiple regression analysis with any explanatory variable of your choice which you believe it could be important in economic performance of the country that you are analysing.
.5.Test the null hypotheses that the coefficients are equal to 0 and comment on results.
.6.Plot the residuals and actual and fitted values and comment on graph.
.7.Estimate the ARCH model and discuss the results.
.8.Conclude the findings.

Notes You should take into account!

1.further to those email from some of you related to the data for your research method assignment, I would like to remind you the followings:

– all variables must have the same start data, end date and frequency. This has been explained in your research method class on data and methodology session.
– the variables that you are required to collect from a reliable data resources are: GDP per capita, inflation rate(%), unemployment rate
(%), BRENT price, WTI price. This has been explained in your research method class on data and methodology session.

2. Make sure you use quality data. You can choose between Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg etc.. Whatever you choose to be the source make sure is a good one.

3. Make sure you use EViews 8 program

4. if you end up using Bloomberg for example make sure you say why you choosed to use it instead of data extreme for example

5. plese dont use any variables where there is missing observations this is not good

6. make sure you have a clear structure how the analysis will be presented

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