Research Method Ethics

Research Method Ethics

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#1 Research Method Ethics
Behavioral Study of Obedience.
Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. Choose one of the following research studies and evaluate the ethics of the research methods employed, using the APA code of ethics.
•Laud Humphreys’ “Tearoom Trade,” outlined in detail in this unit’s introduction.
•The study in Stanley Milgram’s article, “Behavioral Study of Obedience.”
#2 Self-Rules
Kunkel (1997) notes that primary determinants of behavior are formed from past and present experiences. “The most significant difference between a person’s environment and rules is that past and present contextual events are the primary determinants of behavior, while rules serve as controlling variables for human activities (Hayes & Brownstein, 1986, as cited in Kunkel 1997).” Based upon our experiences, we form self-rules that govern our behavior. Identify one self-rule that you feel was formed by a previous experience, how new experiences have reshaped it or if it has stayed a true self-rule, and how you use it to guide your everyday actions.
Kunkel, J. H. (1997). The analysis of rule-governed behavior in social psychology. Psychological Record, 47(4), 698–715.

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