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Part 1:
Analyze the Week 1 Business Growth Overview dataset, [or real or projected data from your chosen business project.] This is a marketing report generated by an analyst for the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Marketing at a large corporation. The analyst is new and has provided summary data but no insights or commentary for the SVP.
Construct a minimum 525-word memorandum for the SVP providing insights and commentary. The memorandum should include your analysis of the following:
Major areas of increase and decrease in revenue or type and/or category of business
Trends that are evident in terms of revenue or type and/or category of business
Insights that would help formulate marketing strategies to either continue growth or reverse decline
Additional analysis you (if you were SVP) would like to build a marketing goal and strategy or strategies (and why)
Part 2:
Select either a large global or multi-regional (does business in more than one country) company and one of its products or services, or a smaller entrepreneurial endeavor that will serve as the basis for your marketing plan. If you are going to work with a larger business, you should obtain two years of annual reports as well as two years of 10K reports (provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements) for your data source. If you are going to work with a smaller business, you should obtain real sales data for tha past two years if possible, or projected financial data if the business is a start-up. This projected financial data should include a line-by-line startup budget as well as anticipated sales and Pro-forma profit projections. Once you have selected your product or service, you must define the size and type of your selected company that provides the product or service (available from annual reports or business data). This need not be elaborate but must include total number of employees, production volume, distribution methods, and so forth. Record this information in a summary document as outlined below.
Company and product selection is a critical part of this project. You must ensure your proposed company can implement the marketing methods discussed in Marketing Management. I recommend that you choose a company that will put this marketing plan into practice if possible. I have found that in my years of teaching this class that you get more out of this project assignment if you can work directly with the subject business in a consultant-style capacity.

Prepare a minimum 175-word summary document and send it to your instructor as a record of your selection. The summary document should include the following:

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