Research Case Study Report about social enterprise




write about Thankyou social Enterprise( . and discuss the below points : 1 What market do they service 2 Why do they exist 3 Who do the benefit 4 How does the firm run, and how it was developed ; and engaged market appeal. (Apply Marketing theories) 5 Analyze the importance of creativity and initiative undertaken to develop Thankyou as a social enterprise . 6 Critically assess and evaluate the financial, social and political issue which may impact on their marketing plan according to theories. 7 Outline and implement the marketing process and discuss theories of Marketing and methods of acquiring, using and storing data. 8 Compare relevant market trends and analyze the implications of market and environmental trends 9 The role of marketing theories in embedding principles of sustainability, ethics and justice within Thankyou as a social enterprise. 10 Write conclusion and explain the application of the 4Ps on the firm development

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