Required Format:

Required Format:

Six pages of double-spaced text are required plus a seventh page that lists your references. You will need at least 5 references.
Double spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins (left, right, top, and bottom)
Use the following sub-headings in your paper to ensure a logical flow from topic to topic:
APA style (American Psychological Association) to format references in paper.
You will need to do some library research to obtain at least five articles or book chapters that pertain to your selected topic.
The psychological perspective
The sociological perspective
The anthropological perspective
The interdisciplinary perspective
To access psychology articles, go to PsycInfo;
To access sociology abstracts, go to Sociological Abstracts or Social Science Abstracts;
To access anthropology articles, go to Social Science Abstracts.

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Final Project
Term Project (35 points) DUE: Week 8

The term project in this course addresses intended course outcomes 1-3.

1. compare and contrast the unique contributions of the social science disciplines from an interdisciplinary perspective to examine (solve or explore) social issues
2. distinguish among empirical, theoretical, and personal arguments within the behavioral and social sciences
3. explain the scientific method used to obtain knowledge within the social sciences
The term project for this course is described in general terms below. If you do not understand the instructions or have a question about what you are expected to do, please ask the professor. This project is used to assess the Core Learning Areas of written communication and critical thinking in the social sciences at UMUC.


This project is a written research assignment that builds on your readings and online discussions about psychology, anthropology, and sociology and interdisciplinary study.

First, select a social issue that you are interested in. The paper will be easier to write if you are interested in the topic. Examples of paper topics include (you do not have to select one of these – these are just to get you started thinking):

understanding patterns of illegal drug use in particular regions or areas and how this may impact individuals and communities
social, cultural, and psychological reasons for youth violence in particular areas of the country or world
social, psychological, and cultural impact of unemployment on communities
impact of HIV infection of different ethnic communities
impact of an aging population on individuals, families and communities
In your paper, address the following four points:

1. From a psychological perspective, describe the development and impact of this social problem.
2. From a sociological perspective, discuss the social structures, institutions, and processes that affect the development and impact of this social problem.
3. From an anthropological perspective, discuss how culture may influence the development and impact of this social problem.
4. Conclude by discussing how this issue could be better understood from an interdisciplinary perspective that incorporates sociological, psychological, and anthropological perspectives.

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