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I am going to use this as an email to my instructor, requesting a grade change.

in this letter I am trying to explain to my teacher how i am eligible to get a better grade. I would email the letter to her. Please use information bellow: I attended all the classe, submitted assignments on-time, before due date, The feedback i got in the class from you,specially on the second project(during the whole process,From the beginning to the end)was way different than what teacher gave me as a second process grade and final grade, as you said on project #2 I Exceeded expectations and made a great progress but how come the grade is as the same as when I didn’t make a good progress! Please use TEACHER COMMENTS as a reference, the comments show an improvement during the semester but the grade is the same! TEACHER COMMENTS : First Progress Grade C Hi Nazi There are some interesting images and initial pages in your research book. There are some good initial research development ideas, but in future I recommend expanding and exploring more of these in the research book (on a number of pages the same concept/idea has been repeated). As you work on the roughs I suggest working more consistently to follow the steps and process as explained and demonstrated, rather than designing based more upon ideas that are in your mind as some of these are not relating as well to the research and do not feel inherent. The initial concept in the 3D exploration and first roughs of the triangles felt a little bit like decorating the body, and some of the translation of ideas in the abstract in the next roughs were a little more connected to the research. I also recommend systematically working on the development of the roughs (making things bigger/smaller/various sizes and scales, using them in different garments, working on the silhouette more, varying/exploring the proportions) as this will give you more fully developed roughs to edit from to create a balanced collection. In addition please make sure that you are fully completing the homework that is assigned each week Regards Sara Midterm Grade C Hi Nazi You are beginning to understand the steps and process involved in creating a collection, and the final looks have a lovely colour story, and an interesting silhouette. As you continue I suggest focusing on more exploration in the research, translating more elements from the research to the roughs and more consistent design development. This will help the final looks to have a bit more balance and cohesiveness. I also suggest more variation of fabric types for the final looks instead of using the same fabric type for all of the final garments. Regards Sara Second Progress Grade C Hi Nazi You are making progress with the second project and working to a process more consistently. As you continue I recommend continuing to focus on fully developing the roughs, and systematic development through the variations. I also suggest working into the pose of the fashion figure so it’s more balanced, proportionate (this can include the elongation) and natural. In addition be sure that the final fabrics work well to create the shapes and can be constructed into the garments they are assigned to – and that there is a good range of fabric types/weights. Regards Sara Final Grade C Hi Nazi You have made good progress in this second half of the semester and the second project shows good improvement, with a consistent silhouette throughout the final looks. The final illustrations have a good sense of movement and lightness of fabric. As you work on future presentations I suggest making the flats a little more proportionate on the page (in this case they could be smaller on page so the primary focus is the illustration) I also suggest that in future you continue to make sure to focus on process and development rather than the idea of final looks and a pretty drawing in the weeks of work through the project – be sure to edit and select the images in your research that are pertinent to the subject and your interpretation of it, and take out images that are too repetitive. And while working on the development of the roughs I suggest being systematic – varying size/scale/proportion of elements and design details, using elements in different garments and in different ways throughout. Regards Sara also please see attached, I am trying to briefly mention that I met/exceeded all of those expectations during the second project and I deserve a better grade.(also please see attached)

I am trying to briefly mention that I met/exceeded all of the expectations during the second project and I deserve a better grade. I met/Exceeds expectations as bellow On “Visual Research and Sketchbook”: • All points of the design brief were fully understood and explored in a creative and fashion forward way. • Extensive hands on development of visual research was conducted to generate new and original inspiration material for use in development of design elements. • Sketchbook shows extensive visual research showing an understanding of the Designer RTW market. • Sketchbook has an organic flow of ideas and communicates a personal style. On “Design Development and Collection Lineup”: • Designs demonstrate the use of original research to produce new ideas through a unique and personal design methodology. • Designs demonstrate creative problem solving for garment construction in a 3 dimensional manner and with fabric in mind. • Extensive design development has been conducted to explore all possible variations of a design idea to find the best design solution. • Design developm ent and collection building demonstra te the student’s ability to self-edit, with little instructor input needed. styling • Designs demonstrate a strong understanding of and address the needs of the Designer RTW market. On “Presentation and Technical Skill” Fabric, Trim and Color Board: • Color story is directly reflected in the fabric story. • Color story is laid out by varying the sizes of the color swatches to communicate the color proportions used in the collection. • In addition to being on the Fabric and Color board, fabric swatches have been added to the illustration boards. for “Final Fully Rendered Looks:” • Fashion figure poses are varied, appropriate to the mood and attitude of the collection, and representative of a modern aesthetic

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