Report on the research into, and analysis of the Fashion Industry

Report on the research into, and analysis of the Fashion Industry

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An in-depth report on the fashion business based on an extensive desk research integrated by a targeted field research of the London fashion market.
The emphasis is on exploring ways value is added to the offer, e.g. through brand management, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Desk Research
• Scope: the global fashion industry, with emphasis on the European and US markets.
• Components:
a. Identify and explore the relevant marketing strategy theory. Sources : Journals (e.g. Journal of brand Management, Long Range Planning, McKinsey Quarterly), books .
b. Peruse and bring to bear the information more specifically related to the fashion business

Field Research: ‘Inside the Fashion Business’ London 2014
• Brief for Field Research
a. Evaluate the brand management implications of
? Exclusive (ready to wear) versus accessible (diffusion) lines of the fashion brands listed below in terms of stylistic identity and retail identity.
? Monobrand stores versus department stores and websites
? Identify the best brand in terms of overall consistency.
b. Identify the overall key success factors for the two segments (ready to wear and diffusion) and identify the lines that are meeting these factors best.
To better understand the market, it is recommended that you also explore the most relevant competitors’ brands, at least online.

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