Report on Marketing Planning – Themes, Concepts and Consequences

Report on Marketing Planning – Themes, Concepts and Consequences
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Total word guide 3000. I don’t know how many references are necessary. Do not use too many references, only those necessary. Please use only books given.
Guidance on Referencing:
UCLan has a web-based reference management tool called RefWorks that has comprehensive
details of all the referencing styles (including journal house styles) that students of all levels
may want to use. It includes guidance for all types of materials that might be referenced, and
covers both in-text citations and bibliographies.

Planning is integral to the successful implementation of marketing. Consequently, a number of marketing practices and principles apply in the formulation of a marketing plan. Many of these practices and principles are progressive and sequential and, as such, offer the professional marketer a framework in which to conduct marketing operations.

With regard to marketing planning, your task is to write a report which comprises eleven concise critical commentaries (CCC’s). Your CCC’s should describe relevant concepts and theoretical models of the key practices and principles that underpin marketing planning, whilst also offering a critical and evaluative account of the main limitations and/or benefits. Your CCC’s should refer to relevant academic and trade literature by way of including an appropriate number of citations, as well as utilising contextualising examples from industry as appropriate.
The total word guide for your report is 3,000 words. Your CCC’s should focus on the following area:

1. Introduction to Marketing Planning in Tourism & Hospitality: A Marketing Philosophy
2. Analysing the Current Situation: a marketing perspective
3. Analysing Customers & Markets
4. Planning Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
5. Planning Direction, Objectives & Strategy
6. Planning for Products & Brands
7. Planning for Pricing
8. Planning for Service & Distribution
9. Planning for Communication & Influences
10. Planning for the Marketing Mix
11. Planning Implementation & Control
The aim of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your conceptual understanding of the
marketing planning process, whilst allowing you to contextualise your discussions with real-world examples.

Assessment Instructions
? You are required to submit this assessment via TURNITIN.
? Each of the eleven report entries (or CCC’s) should appear under eleven separate
headings (as above). You are strongly advised to write your separate CCC’s as the
semester and lecture programme progresses, rather than waiting until the final few
weeks before the submission deadline.
? Each CCC may include a mixture of text, photographs, diagrams, and cited quotes. The
word guide is 300 words for each CCC report entry. The total word guide for this
assessment is approximately 3,000 words.
? This part of the assessment is weighted at 60% of the total module grade. In terms of
grading, each CCC entry within the assessment is weighted equally.
? Each CCC should offer a critical account and analysis of the subject under
consideration. Do not be merely descriptive. You should include references to relevant
literature. Bibliographies / reference lists are not included in your total word guide.
? Dedicated tutorials (Semester One) may be offered to provide guidance and support in
setting up your blog domains.

Assessment Criteria
? Your work should illustrate the efficient selection and management of source materials.
Whilst this is a vocational based assessment, your report entries should be based upon
theoretical and conceptual underpinnings. In addition, your work should show elements
of original thought.
? Your report entries should illustrate critical discussion and appropriate selection of
relevant academic models and marketing concepts, which are contextualised within in a
contemporary industry setting.
? The assessment should be written in a professional business report format using an
appropriate template. For a range of business report templates, please use Microsoft
Word Templates.
? Your work should be logical, be clearly and professional presented, and lucidly written
with an absence of grammatical and spelling errors. Your work should also make use of
diagrams and academic models to illustrate theoretical issues.
? In order to achieve higher grades, you should not only consider fully the criteria outlined
above, but also refer to the Generic Assessment Criteria for grade indicators in the
areas of:
– Relevance of work;
– Knowledge and understanding displayed;
– Depth of analysis, argument and evaluation provided;
– Evidence of independent research and academic referencing;
– Style of presentation and structure of research.

Indicative Reading List (All texts are hyperlinked to the UCLan Library Catalogue):

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Recommended Journals:
International Journal of Culture, Tourism & Hospitality Research
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management
Journal of Internet Marketing
Journal of Marketing Management
Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
Journal of Travel Research
Journal of Vacation Marketing
Services Marketing Quarterly
Tourism Management

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