Repatriation Hopi Kachina figures

1.What is repatriation and what is NAGPRA? Why should museums return cultural objects to Native American tribes and nations? What are some of the complications related to the process of repatriation? Please address at least one specific cultural object or group of cultural objects in your paper and explain the process by which they were taken from their original location and owners/caretakers and then how/if they were returned.

Why was the artwork or cultural object created?
What was the purpose of the artwork or cultural object?
Who is the intended audience for the artwork or cultural object? How was it produced?
What is the political, economic, religious and/or social context? i.e what was happening in society at the time when it was made?
Where was it located after it was completed and who had access to it? What is the response to the artwork?

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