Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing
Assessment Title:    Relationship Marketing Assignment
Individual/Group:    Individual
Weighting:    100%
Submission Date:    Week 25 (12.01.15)

Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework

Task Details:

Taking an organisation with which you are familiar, identify and evaluate a variety of existing and/or potential relationships and the opportunities and challenges

which these present to the organisation.  On the basis of your findings recommend actions that will enable the organisation to develop a full Relationship Marketing

strategy, in order to facilitate the effective management of long term, profitable, customer relationships.

Original and creative approaches to the topic will be required as well as evidence of an ability to reflect on learning arising from the completion of the assignment.

!!Your choice of organisation must be agreed with the module tutor in advance!!

Particular instructions to students:

Format:  The work may be presented either in report form or in essay style – either way, it should be clearly structured and flow logically and smoothly.

Length:    The assignment should be between 4,000 words and 5,000 words.

Application:    It is essential that relevant academic theory and arguments are applied to the chosen organisation and discussed in some depth – not merely described.

Referencing:    The assignment is designed to assess your ability to apply theory covered on the course to actual scenarios.  As such, it is expected that further

reading will be undertaken and all books and articles used should be given in a bibliography.  The source of any quotations or academic frameworks used in the

assignment must be acknowledged with full referencing using the Harvard Referencing method.

Timing:  Late submissions will incur penalties in line with course regulations

Submission:  A hard copy of the work should be handed in together with an electronic version (which can be e-mailed to the tutor beforehand).  All work will be

subjected to a plagiarism check through Turnitin and you are required to submit the work to a Turnitin check before handing in (you may submit it to Turnitin as many

times as you like).

Note: Whilst the university makes every effort to safeguard work submitted for marking, students are advised to keep a copy of their work.

Assignment  Advice

Detailed assessment criteria are provided in this booklet, along with guidance about how the work should be written.  However, the following extra advice might be


1.    Make sure that your work is supported by robust academic underpinning.  This means making use of a model, or models, such as those introduced in the first week

(e.g. ‘6 Markets’, Doyle, Morgan & Hunt, or the ’30 R’s checklist’ proposed by Gummesson).

2.    This assignment is looking for more than a simple description of different stakeholders.  You need to be undertaking an evaluation of each of your chosen

organisation’s stakeholders, including different types of customers.  You should then be assessing the challenges and opportunities of managing effective relationships

between the organisation and these stakeholders.  Again, you should be supporting this with academic theory.

3.    You should not automatically assume that all customers are the same and form one homogenous stakeholder group!

4.    You are not being assessed on your detailed knowledge of an organisation – you are being assessed on your knowledge and understanding of the principles of

relationship marketing.  It is therefore acceptable to make assumptions about the organisations you are writing about, as long as you make these clear and fully

incorporate them into your findings and recommendations.

You should make sure that you make some recommendations – this is what the assignment brief asks you to do.  If you think the organisation is already doing the best it

possibly can, then you must justify why you think this by showing that alternative strategies would be less effective.

Study Skills Support

Full instructions on how to use the Harvard Referencing method are given on the module Blackboard site under “Support Resources”

Feedback & Feed-forward Strategy and how students can access their Feedback

You will be provided with verbal feedback on class activities (case study questions and simulated assessment activities). Review meetings will be held with the whole

class and the module tutor throughout the duration of the module to generate formative feedback on work in progress for the assignment, and there will be a final

briefing session towards the end of the semester.  Summative feedback the assignment will be provided in the form of typed feedback. This will comment on how well the

assessment criteria and learning outcomes have been met and will also use a specially designed pro-forma to show where improvements could be made.


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