Relationship counselling case study






Relationship Counselling Case Study Assignment Type Weighting Word Count Due Date Relationship Counselling Case Study Purpose: An important aspect of family and relationship counselling is that rather than the intrapersonal, it focuses upon the interpersonal. It considers circular concepts of causality rather than lineal. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to deliberate upon multi-generational patterns of behaviour rather than focusing on individual pathology. This assignment aims to give students the opportunity to be better placed to conceptualise and practice systemically when working with their own clients in the future Process: From the information provided in the case study, and in the role of relationship counsellor:


• construct a genogram (can be written on paper then take a picture of it) for the couple • create hypotheses about the couple’s dynamics using concepts from systems theory • identify their strengths and challenges • develop questions to test the hypotheses • develop a summary to be provided as feedback to the couple.


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