Reflectivr Learning Journal

Reflectivr Learning Journal

Describe your responses to the materials, theories, concepts, evidence and learning activities related to the above topics-aspects.

Draw relevant examples from work, family or personal life;

Incorporate readings prescribed for the topics-aspects chosen, including the textbook;

Incorporate learning exercises

The format for your ‘Learning Journal’ is – please stick to the format provided below.

provide the questions listed below as your headings. That is, you type and answerthe three questions below for each aspect, for the Introduction and Conclusion, and

the four
questions for each entry. Answer each question in turn and in the order provided. These headings are not counted in the word count.

The first entry in your Learning Journal will be an introduction in which you answerthe following questions:

1. What is a Learning Journal?

2. Why am I completing a Learning Journal as part of my study of social psychology?

3. What do I hope to learn from this assignment?

There is no need to source literature to answer these questions. You can simply reiterate the points made in this ,but in your own words.

2)Reflective Learning Journal (500 words maximum for each entry, excluding question headings – equals 1,500 words in total

The Reflective Learning Journal will answerthe following questions for each ofthe three topics:


1. Which aspect ofthe topic has interested me most? Why?

2. What are the main ideas, concepts related to this aspect?

3. What short quote from the text or reading illustrates an important point related to this

aspect? (Please insert page numbers for quotes.)

4. How is this aspect relevant to my social world as a female. There must be an entry for each ofthe three topics.

3) Conclusion (250 words maximum, excluding question headings) The last page ofthe Learning Journal will be a ‘conclusion’ in which you answerthe following questions:

1. What value has this journal been for my learning of social psychology?

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my Journal?

3. Did I get out ofthis assignment what I hoped (tie to introduction)

This means you will have three journal entries, all of 500 words each. That is a total of 1500 words for the three entries combined.The rest ofthe word count is to be

utilised in your introduction and conclusion.

Rememberthe Learning Journal is based on three topics, each ofthese topics is broken up into aspects. You must choose an aspect from each topic.

1)Topic:-Self and Identity, aspect to do the Journal (500 words excluding headings):-Self presentation.

Readings:-text book will copy and upload soon,98-99,105 and Synder on the topic self monitor being upload.

2)Topic:-Prejudice and Discrimination, aspect to do the JournaI(500 words excluding headings):-In-groups and

Readings:-text book will copy and upload soon,191-201,198-207 and Plous on the topic responding to overt display of prejudice being upload.

3)Topic:-Attraction and close relationship, aspect to do the JournaI(500 words excluding headings):-when relationships go wrong.

Readings:-text book will copy and upload soon,298-299,303-304, 300-303,305-308 and Online Dating: A Critical Analysis From the Perspective ofPsychologicaI Science and

the other is online dating being upload.


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