Reflective Portfolio


Assessment 1 – Reflective Portfolio (25%)
1. This reflective portfolio – essay is to be about your experience as a customer in a commercial food and beverage outlet, outlining your responses to the visit given your learning in this subject to date.
2. Reflecting on your experience, you are required to use theory from two academic articles from the Food and beverage Management literature.

3. In this review report, you are expected to – include information on the café / restaurant that you are discussing – from the “review” information on will be including in the 5 references.

• Include the information of the articles of your choice (e.g., title, author/s, publication year);
• Identify what you found most interesting from the articles and elaborate why you think so;
• Exemplify how they have been applied to F&B management; and
• Discuss how the concepts are incorporated/related to your experience.

Note 1. For this reflective portfolio (essay), you need to use appropriate citations and a “Reference List” for any academic or other sources that you use in your essays.
Note 2. Word Length is 1500 words.

Criteria Level 4
Criterion 1; Discussion and analysis of experience as a customer, outlining your responses to the visit given your learning in this subject to date.

Very good discussion and analysis of experience as a customer, with examples and references provided.
Criterion 2; Inclusion of the required number of academic references and Zomato review details.

Two relevant academic references used in the reflection, which support the discussion and are integrated with the Zomato review material.
Criterion 3; Reflective Essay presentation and format, spelling, expression, and use of Harvard Referencing.

Reflective essay is well presented and formatted. It is mostly well written, with few spelling or typographical errors. Harvard Referencing is applied accurately and appropriately in the body of the essay and the “References” section, with only a few errors.

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