reflective Personal Log

reflective Personal Log

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It is short essay about write self reflection about practical experiences and I am working now in NZFMC I have to write about the purpose of the organization (the New Zealand Federation of multicultural councils Inc) And also write about what are the organizations trying to achieve? Aligment between purpose and what it does? How is important achieving the organization’s purpose on the organization and also on employees who are working in?
This some of NZFMC information (was formed I 1989 as a coordination body for the regional multicultural councils being formed in different parts of New Zealand. Its aims is to serve as a national pan-ethnic advocacy group, and twenty-five years on it has become the umbrella organization foe ethnic migrant and refugee communities, promoting opportunities for equal participation in New Zealand society. NZFMC has 19 regional councils for business, seniors, women, and youth. And from my observation about the organizations they have achieve the majority of their objectives and now they are on progress to achieve the rest of their objectives but all these are depended on the funds.

The organization vision:

A multicultural New Zealand where people of different cultures and beliefs live safely and in harmony.
To represent and support multicultural councils and ethnic, migrant and refugee communities through leadership, partnership, capacity building and service delivery.
Diversity, Inclusiveness, Equality, Participation, Collaboration, Service to the Community.

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