(20% of the Total Assessment)
Length: 1,000 words ? Warning: Strict Limit, penalties apply

I. Structure
Your Reflective Journal should identify and address each of the following points.
1. Learning with Understanding
To what extent BUS 802 has helped me to understand the world in which you live? Explain briefly.
2. Global Challenge: Robot Economy (The Threat of Artificial Intelligence)
This point is to evaluate your intellectual experience gained during the trimester to analyse

important global business challenges. You should address the following items:
2.1. Describe as best you can the Threat of the Artificial Intelligence.
2.2. What is it that politicians really need to think about the threat of robots?
2.3. How do politicians should face this global challenge?

3. Identifying Topics Potentially Useful in the Workplace

All in all, BUS 802 was interesting to me because I learnt many new concepts potentially useful in

the workplace. True or False? Give reasons.

II. Marking Criteria
? The extent to which this subject has helped you to understand the world in which you live


? Skills used to describe student’s intellectual experience gained during the trimester


? Skills to identify topics studied in the subject potentially useful in the workplace (30%);


? Well-presented academic English, structure, style and formatting (15%);

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