Reflection: Women’s Difference

Reflection: Women’s Difference

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Instructions: choose 2 of the assigned readings that you have the most to comment on.

The reflection should consist of two components:

1) a concise summary of the readings that gets to the crux of the authors’ arguments with specific evidence/examples; ( 300 words)

2) a critical evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the authors’ arguments by providing your own comments, questions, and/or critiques (you may draw upon your or others’ personal experiences). Note that for the component of critical evaluation, what I am looking for is your assessment of the specific perspectives and examples offered by the authors, not their writing style; questioning the authors’ analyses by providing counterexamples or finding their “blind spots” (i.e. perspectives or factors that are overlooked) are highly valued. ( 300 words)

Use just 2 readings provided, no need for other sources. And do not forget to format the paper according to the type of assignment needed. This paper is really important to me so I would like to see an outline before you start actual writing.

Additional materials: 3 readings (will be attached)

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