Reflection Paper for “I Contain Multitudes​ Chapter 1”

Read the Material I provided in attachment files: I Contain Multitudes Chapter 1

Here are the main criteria for the essay reflections for I Contain Multitudes:

At least a five hundred word essay & 12 point font & double spaced

*Write about 3 to 6 interesting ideas that you learned about in the chapter and explain why you found them


Or how they apply to what we are learning.

Or how they reveal the way scientists work. Or any other aspect you find relevant to comment on.

Or something you read that contradicts what you thought about a certain topic or science idea.

Or describe a new technique or form of technology that is being described in the chapter.

Or anything that surprised you in the reading and why it surprised you

Or did the reading correct a misconception about something you had learned earlier in your life?

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