Reflection on a Journey through Situated Practice

Reflection on a Journey through Situated Practice

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Course Title: COMM situated practice

Assignment: Set some time aside to spend in ‘solitude and slowness,’ away from others, just you and your mind, and reflect on the conceptual journey we have just taken called, “Situated Practice.” Contemplate what it has been about and where it has led us. It may help to imagine that the course, fell from the sky as if it were an unidentified object that landed in our farm and for the last 8 weeks we have been trying to figure out what it is and how it is related to the study of communication.

1.) In this short 2-page essay, you are asked to contemplate backwards and forwards, reflecting on the social world(s) this course has opened up for you and how it has led you to at least think of some specific changes you would make if given the opportunity.

2.) To do this assignment, you must—carefully—read Ellen Rose, On Reflection ( order to learn what truly is asked of you. I would especially suggest a re-reading of pages 20-30—after you have finished the book.

3.) ***USE the VOCABULARY of the course—i.e., key ideas in the readings that have been discussed in lecture and/or section —structure, social worlds, racializaton, learning, language, legitimation, interculturalism, Hip pop nation, etc. no less than 3-4 ideas).

4. )***Use the course material I upload to write, add proper citation in text and on a separate page the full references using a specific citation style.

5.) ***At the end of your paper, ponder in a couple of sentences whether the notion of ‘situated practice’ is the proper name for the course and state why. If it is not, suggest a more appropriate name.

6.) You are encouraged to ‘weave together myth and the dreamworlddream world, historical fact and conjecture’ and come up with a metaphor for the course such as Mumford’s idea of ‘megamachine.’ (p.26)


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