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Experience Paper is a reflective review of your graduate experience. Using the Individual Student Profile information (completed in the first course in your program) as a springboard for considering growth in thinking and applying program outcomes, learning requires change. The school Experience Paper documents your change, over time, as a result of your participation in this program
. Compose a well-written reflection explaining how your perspective in your program has been impacted by the process of achieving the program outcomes and how the artifacts have contributed to your growth as a more informed, reflective, and responsive leader in your field. Use APA (6th edition) citations to support your work. ?
. e: Artifacts ?
• €In what ways do your artifacts fulfill the program outcomes? ?
• €How do your artifacts provide evidence of competency in these areas? Did you identify ?any gaps? ?
Heading Two: Growth
How have you grown or developed during your enrollment in this program? ?
Using the information stated in the Individual Student Profile, how have you changed? ?
• €How will your competency in the program outcomes enhance your professional work? ?Heading Three: Leaders ?
• €Which leaders in your field or profession have influenced you and why? ?I have been influenced by the school. She knows each students and staff by name, she very supportive, she
• €What leadership qualities have been enhanced by your graduate experience? ?Heading Four: Goals and Implications ?
• €Revisiting the reflections written in courses, in what ways have your goals or thinking about your profession changed? ?
• €What are the implications and applications of your learning for your profession? ?

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