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Assessment Task 1: Written Industry Reflection

All students are required to attend an interview when applying for a New Graduate Program or a Registered Nurse Position. As part of the interview process you will be required to reflect on your past clinical experiences when answering interview questions. For this assessment task students are required to answer the following interview question:

Question .

1. How would you handle a patient who constantly complains about pain?

Using the E.A.R (event, action, result) interview method and your reflective skills provide a written (800 word) summary to this question.

Student has: Related and explained the incident or issue to their own skills, professional experience, or discipline knowledge and commented on aspects that they have or have not experienced before. Analysed the similarities and differences between the conditions of this environment and the conditions of other environments they have encountered.

Student has: Highlighted in detail significant factors underlying the incident or issue Explained and analysed their importance Referred to relevant theory and literature to support their reasoning Considered different perspectives – (e.g. theoretical or ethical) in relation to this issue

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