Reevaluating The Proposed Human Services Agency.


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Revaluating the Proposed Human Services Agency. Referring to the identified human services need and agency you identified in Week three, project forward to evaluate the scope and kinds of services that might be required five years from now. In a paper of at least 2,500 words (excluding title, abstract and reference page), address all of the following:

a. Define the human services need you identified from a cross-disciplinary perspective. What types of practitioners, agencies and institutions might be interested in or involved with addressing the need you described in Week three paper? What kinds of partnerships or alliances should the agency described in your Week Three paper strive to develop to be successful in meeting the needs of the affected community?

b. Summarize and review the relevant federal and state regulations, laws and court rulings that apply to the human services need you identified and/or the community your proposed agency will serve. If you agency will serve a vulnerable population, be sure to outline requirements and restrictions for doing so.

C. Based on your research about the human services need you identified, project forward to evaluate the anticipated need-based demand for services to address this issue in five years, and again in ten years. Will the need grow incrementally or diminish as services become readily available? Support your projections with data.

d. Debate the relative value of the agency you have proposed seeking accreditation from an outside agency to demonstrate best practices for its stakeholders. identify at least one organization that might provide accreditation to the agency you have proposed, and evaluate whether or not its accreditation would make a difference in terms of demonstrating best practices within the proposed agency.

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