Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

Objective of the assignment: The objective of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the steps required to recruit and staff for an important segment of the workplace and to demonstrate your strategic skills to the CEO. You will share some of the essential strategic and administrative steps for this important function of Human Resources and will include metrics for which to evaluate the recruitment and selection approach that will be implemented.

The situation: Suppose that you are the new HR Director at HSS (the case study presented in our Course Resources under modules) and you have already made a presentation to the CEO and the Board of Directors on the need for HR planning and enhanced strategic role that HR must play in the organization. After that presentation, and having read the research on managing human resources strategically that you have presented (assignment 2 literature review), the CEO confides that she has been thinking about how the senior staff in the organization are recruited and selected. As a result, she has asked you to propose new recruitment and selection methods for the senior level employees.

The CEO’s directive to you is to prepare a short (approximately five-page double spaced) proposal that includes at the least:
1.  A cover memo to the CEO providing an overview of the task assigned and a summary of your proposal
2.  A description of at least three recruitment approaches that could be considered
3.  A description of at least three selection approaches that could be considered
4.  A cost/benefit analysis and comparison of the approaches of both the recruitment and selection approached
5.  Metrics the organization could use to evaluate the effectiveness of the on-going recruitment and selection of senior level employees. Propose at least three metrics for the evaluation (include the time frame for your evaluation period such as six months after entry into the position).
6.  Your recommended approach and your arguments/justification to defend your choices.
7.  A conclusion section that includes a summary of the approaches recommended the benefits and any other aspects to the proposal you want to highlight.
Notes: Use topic headings to organization your presentation, include in-text citations for statements of fact, and provide a reference page if in text citations are used in the proposal, use professional level language and writing. Have 3 references and at least 3 in text citations.

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