Recommendation of discipline


You are not making a recommendation of discipline or other action. You are providing a background of Scenario Personnel in your department have allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior while on-duty. The story was first reported on one television news channel, but is now being broadcasted on all networks and newspapers as the lead news story across the state. The headline of the story references the inappropriate hazing of probationary personnel that you allegedly condone. The media is reporting the hazing of probationary personnel has gone too far, and is an accepted ritual in your department. There is an indication that at least one lawsuit will be forthcoming. Legal counsel has scheduled interviews with those personnel involved in the incident and other members of your department. From these interviews and your report, legal counsel will make a recommendation to the jurisdictional prosecutor to determine if criminal charges will be filed. The local union is supporting this investigation of the administrative leadership of your department. You are to provide a position statement, supported with scholarly source material, on the elements list information about how and on what grounds your department operates and the culture that currently exists.


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