Recognizing health hazards/ existing needs and possible solutions

Order DescriptionThe role of the professional nurse in community health includes planning and developing programs and services (interventions, actions) to prevent or reduce the chance of illness or injury to their community. Programs and services may also be needed to manage current illnesses or needs of persons within the community. Empowering the community act on its behalf is very important to building healthy communities.

Chose a community, discuss your community
Provide a description of your selected community. Include demographics, mortality and morbidity, as well as strengths for the area.

Identify what you see as the #1 health risk/ hazard in your community from your windshield survey.

Discuss your goal for your selected community according to the identified health risk/hazard you selected.

What interventions, plans, and actions (strategy) would be needed to help the community reach the goal? (Chapter 13 in your textbook will be helpful.) Your goals are to be specific, measurable, achievable, and time limited.

Discuss the outcomes you expect from your interventions to resolve or minimize the effects of the identified health risk/hazard for your community

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