Real Case study Analsyis

Real Case study Analsyis
A Detailed Discussion of the overall Strategy and especially the Operations Strategy and the key Operational Performance Objectives for one of the following Organisations:
Airbus, NHS, Siemens, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Blackberry, eBay, Wikipedia, VW, Boeing, Siemens…

You primary source of information/evidence will be the Internet A Business report has to start with a good executive summary, then main body in ‘lay terms’ with lots of graphs, the text should flow and all technical reports should be kept in the appendix; It should be well printed, formatted and with a nice cover. The main body should be about 5000 words while the executive summary should be no more than one page and preferable about 10 lines. References should be coming from the Internet and the press, blogs, etc. You have to submit both an electronic pdf copy in Blackboard as well as a hardcopy.

Marking Scheme:
50% of the assignment mark will be based on the actual content of the report,
25% for the professional format of the business report and
25% for the presentation that will take place in the first two weeks of December during class-time.

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