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Reading responses

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Answer each question in 100 words using direct quotes from the book. Page numbers are included for your reference. Please use APA format to properly cite the correct page and quotes that you include. Please follow the example below. Each sentence has a partial direct quote with the proper APA citation.

With intrapersonal determinants, the focus is on the individual and relies on the self-efficacy measure to determine how “confident and capable [the individual is in] performing a certain behavior in a specific situational context” (Marlatt & Witkiewitz, 2005, p. 8). According to Marlatt and Witkiewitz (2005), studies have found that “higher levels of self-efficacy are predictive of improved alcohol treatment outcomes” (p. 9). Measuring self-efficacy has been a challenge and according to Marlatt and Witkiewitz (2005) researchers have “created self-report questionnaires” (p. 9) with the aim of understanding confidence levels in maintaining change behaviors in many situational contexts. A continuing challenge of these self-efficacy questionnaires is that they measure the “context-specific nature of the construct” (Marlatt & Witkiewitz, 2005, p. 9) and cannot account for every high-risk situation that may be faced by the individual.

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