Reading response to Serial

Reading response to Serial

This is a reading response on Serial Episode 1-7, the link of the videos is (you need to play them on iTunes). There are two files one is the overall instruction for reading responses, the other one is particularly for the serial one, please read it carefully, use rhetorical analysis and quotes (cite appropriately). Please follow the instruction seriously.

Reading Response 4 on Serial
We are now halfway through the podcast Serial, and we have heard many different
arguments using a range of rhetorical strategies. Your reading response 4 will focus on
rhetorical analysis. As Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters argue, to analyze a text
rhetorically means to perform “a close reading of a text to find how and whether it
persuades” (91). Chapter 3 of our textbook, Understanding Rhetoric, should be particularly
Your goal is to write a response in which you assess the overall argumentative strategies of
any one extended argument in Serial. You can choose a line of argument from any of the
significant people in the case, such as Adnan or lay or Aisha or their friends or the police
detectives or even the streaker from Leakin Park.
Consider the following factors: 1) the use (or lack) of logical reasoning and adequate
evidence in support of the main claims, 2) the rhetor’s (a rhetor is anyone who uses oral
and / or written rhetoric) presentation of (or failure to present) themselves as credible and
fair-minded as seen through the their tone and style and through a willingness to consider
alternative points of view, and 3) the argument’s invocation (or failure to invoke) the
audience’s emotions and values. * Again, like before, do not organize your response based
on the itemized list above. The goal of the list is to help you brainstorm a strong response,
but it is not meant to limit or organize your thoughts. You should respond holistically based
on what works best for your own line of thought.
Base your analysis / assessment on specific examples from the texts
Use a mixture of quotation and paraphrase
Make sure you indicate who you are quoting or paraphrasing in the body of your
To cite your direct quotes and paraphrases, list the Episode name and minute in
parentheses, like this . . . end of the quote” (“Leakin Park” 17:59)
Aim for a ratio of 2:1, two sentences of analysis for every one sentence of quotation
or paraphrase
Like your other reading responses, use MLA format and word count

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