Reading and Analysis of Cultural Texts

1- After reading the various versions of Red Little Riding Hood, compare those versions with their

major differences and similarities. Were those versions ?tinted? by their cultural background? in

which ways? (4.5 pts) 2- Out of all the versions is the female character portrayed the same way? If

not, what are the differences? (4.5 pts) 3- Post a question on one of Little Red Riding Hood

versions that you are wondering about, or want to generate a discussion about. (1 pt) To read: –

Little Red Cap, Grimm brothers, Germany (ed. Hallett, p. 35-38) – Little

Red Riding hood, Perrault, France (ed.

Hallett, p. 33-35) – The Chinese Red Riding Hood, Chang, China (ed. Hallett, p. 38-40) – Little Red

Hat, Italy

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