Reader Perspective and Document Design

Reader Perspective and Document Design

1- Most of us have received a business letter, a memo, or an e-mail before. Although these documents may not seem like traditional forms of technical communication, they actually possess or should possess many of the same qualities as a standard technical document. They should be clear, concise, and written with a specific audience and purpose in mind. For this discussion.

explain why the ABC format described in the text reading is beneficial for writing all correspondence and discuss several ways to incorporate the “You” attitude in your writing. Why is this important?

2- Document design plays a major role in how readers understand and perceive information. In fact, the way a document is designed or presented creates a subliminal effect, a first impression of sorts, which readers often use to judge the overall value of the document. Sound a little like psychology? Well, it is!

review these elements of document design and then choose three or four elements—color, consistency, grids, white space, the use of lists, parallelism, fonts, and so on—that you feel are the most important. Explain why you feel these elements are critical for helping create a good first impression.

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