Rapid and Planned Response to a Disaster Scenario


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Scenario: Earthquake (This is a HYPOTHETICAL Scenario)

“It is 16th August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The city is hosting the Olympic Games and there are thousands of additional tourists and athletes in the city. Over the past few days there have been slight earth tremors, but because of the Olympics, the authorities have made light of them and attempted not to worry the tourists.
On the evening of the 17th August there is an earthquake situated at about 10km underground 50km outside the main city of Rio de Janeiro. Buildings collapse and many are injured and even more killed. A lot of the injured are tourists.”

You are the head of the Emergency Response Team in Rio. What would your response plan be given the situation and the location of this disaster event?
You are required to prepare a Response Plan to the scenario below.
The response plan should include:
1. Introduction
2. relevant stakeholders in the response
3. logistics
4. special considerations as a result of the scenario context (season, location etc)
5. challenges
6. likely outcomes
7. conclusions and
8. recommendations for the future.

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