Random q’s

Random q’s

Project description
In a few sentences, answer the following questions:

* are all 5 levels of model of expert testimony necessary to help determine level five in which the expert is the only one who decides whether the victim was raped or not?
* why do you think there are double standard between men being abuse and women being abuse.
* Do you believe jurors belittle the pain and suffering of these women who are victims of BWS and RTS, because of media influences?
* Do you think BWS should be admissible in court or should it be replaced with PTSD? Is there an alternative option?

* According to Costanzo and Krauss (2012), children are less than likely to confess in a trial in front of their abuser. What technique should be used so that the child can confess in the trial? Should the abuser be put in another room while the child confesses?
* What do you think is the cause of false recovered memories of abuse by adults?
* Why do you think the majority of the children that are sexually abused don’t report it right away or deny that it happened to them?
* Should adult victims be permitted to testify via CCTV?

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