Racism in the sport of Boxing


Has to be SINGLE SPACED, 6 pages long, 2-4 sources. Details and instructions of the essay will be included with the materials file.

Final paper assignment
Research topic in Sport, Race, and Ethnicity
There will be one required final paper. The topic will pertain to sport, racism, and
ethnicity as you define and examine it. Specific guidelines and grading rubric will be
provided here and in class. No late assignments accepted. The only late exceptions were
described in the exam description.

Final Paper Guidelines
The purpose of this assignment is to gain more knowledge in a particular topic that you
will choose about sport, racism and ethnicity. You will also become familiar with
academic writing and analysis, to become more familiar with library research tools, and
to practice written analysis.
You will be asked to identify an area of interest from the course, and then to write critical
summaries of three peer-reviewed research articles in that area that you find, and
finally to write a paper that integrates the research you’ve examined.
1) Introduction (1 page) and 3 critical summaries (3 x 1 page each):
(Use these headings: Introduction- Paper 1- Paper 2- Paper 3)
Begin with an overview page that describes your topic clearly and explain why this topic
reflects the study of sport, racism, and ethnicity. Provide examples from popular media,
research papers/books, or current debates to give context.
Then, for each research paper that you read, provide a brief statement that identifies the
purpose of the research or the research question, a brief description of the methods
meaning what evidenced they used, how they collected that evidence, and how they
analyzed the evidence. Then provide a summary of their findings including their
explanations of those. Then, you will need to critically reflect on the research by
identifying what you consider to be the article’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. For
example, you can comment on such things as the significance of the research question,
the quality of the evidence, blatant omissions of evidence, author bias, or the fairness of
the argument. In addition, you may want to address the implications of the argument as it
connects with your own beliefs and growing knowledge base from the course.
2) Synthesis of your critical summaries (approx. 2 pages).
(Use this heading: Synthesis)
The goal of this section is to compare and contrast how each research article has
addressed your topic, in an integrated manner. In this section of the paper you will
synthesize and compare the three articles and provide a more analytical view of your
topic, making strong links with other relevant course concepts. Compare their concepts,
contexts, methods, data/evidence, arguments, and recommendations. Finally, I expect a
reflective statement from you regarding how this paper topic will influence your own
professional or personal future in a more applied sense. Make a connection to your
anticipated field of work or personal goals.
3) Referencing and style.
(Use this heading: References)
The entire paper should be approx. 5-6 pages or more, single spaced, 12 point font, and
with a complete reference list and proper citations within the body of your paper using
APA reference style. See the Purdue Online Writing Lab for further guidance.

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