Please select one social institution, social issue, or social problem from this course about which you feel like your understanding has been deepened or expanded. For this writing assignment, please

write an essay that addresses each of the following three items using the topic you have selected.

1) How has sociological theory and/or research enhanced or deepened your understanding of the topic

you selected? In your response please identify, discuss and apply specific sociological theories

and research methods that have led to your increased understanding of the topic selected.

2) Next, demonstrate how the social institution, social issue, or social problem you have selected

differentially affects various groups of people. How and why does your selected issue influence the

human experience for diverse groups of individuals in our society? In essence, why does social

location matter in how people experience your selected issue? (For example: you may wish to write

about how factors such as race, social class and/or gender influence diversity of experiences in

our society.)

3) Finally, describe how the social institution, social issue, or social problem you have selected

is of personal relevance and is publicly important. How does your selected issue directly impact

you in our society compared to other social groups? In responding to this item, you may wish to

refer to C. Wright Mills? discussion of the Sociological Imagination and his statements regarding

the relationship between personal troubles and societal/public problems/issues.
You may address each of the three items individually or in one larger essay response. If you choose

to respond to each item individually, each of the three responses should be 250-350 words in

length. If you choose to respond to all three items holistically in one essay response, your essay

submission should be between 750-1,000 words.


Schaefer, Richard. 2015. Sociology: A Brief Introduction (11th edition). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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