quot;Never No Lament"



"Never No Lament"

Duke Ellington Orchestra, “Never No Lament” (Duke Ellington), Hollywood, May 4, 1940. Wallace Jones and Cootie Williams, trumpets (t); Rex Stewart, cornet (c); Joe
Nanton and Lawrence Brown, trombones (tb); Juan Tizol, valve trombone (val tb); Barney Bigard, clarinet/tenor saxophone (cl/ts); Johnny Hodges and Otto Hardwick, alto
saxophones (as); Ben Webster, tenor saxophone (ts); Harry Carney, baritone saxophone (bs); Duke Ellington, piano (p); Fred Guy, guitar (g); Jimmy Blanton, bass (b)
Sonny Greer, drums (d)

First learn the "Never No Lament" then write essay for Topic 1: Ellington arranges the piece to begin with two A sections as an extended introduction. The
first chorus, which contains the melody, begins after the introduction, at 0:40, and ends at 1:28. Identify the form of this piece. Use letters to designate the
sections of the chorus. Who plays the melody? Does this change? Does a different section of the band play any part of the melody during this first chorus? Then listen
to the entire piece. There are several soloists, and then the band returns to finish the piece. Is the melody played the same way at the end as it was at the
beginning? How does it sound different?


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