questions and answers

questions and answers
) Define the Communication process in detail. What are the basic elements or processes involved? Explain your answer while featuring the concept of “shared field of experience.”

2) Explain in detail the concept of Persuasion Matrix. What this is for, and why it is essential to deploy this matrix in order to understand the proper functioning of the IMC process? Please draw a diagram to illustrate your answer.

3) Explain the ELM theory in detail with the help of a diagram. What are the two main routes of persuasion as explained by this model? Make sure to provide the name of the social scientists that proposed this theory.

4) Why someone’s culture is important to consider while convincing someone to perform a certain action, for example, buying a particular product or service. Please elaborate your answer with at least two examples from your day-to-day surrounding.

5) What are different types of appeal, which can be used in advertising in order to persuade people? Please define and explain a few in details.

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