Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design

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In a 3- to 5-page paper, provide a brief description (1 – 2 paragraphs for each) of the common quantitative research designs and qualitative designs. Summarize the key elements and purpose of each design and use Module readings to support your statements. Consider making this document a useful reference tool for you as you develop the Three Article Dissertation (TAD). Your assignment should include the research designs provided in the Module 4 homepage and course readings:

Research Designs
• Quantitative: Experimental or non-experimental design (true experiment, quasi-experiment, single subject, survey, or correlation).
• Qualitative: General qualitative approach or formal qualitative approach (narrative, case study, ethnographic, grounded theory).

Assignment Expectations
Your paper will be assessed on the following criteria:
Assignment-driven Criteria: Demonstrates mastery covering all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way.
Critical Thinking/Application to Professional Practice: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem, and careful consideration of experts or research in the field of educational leadership. Module content and concepts are thoroughly and thoughtfully analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated. Conclusions are logically presented and applied to professional practice in an exceptional manner.
Scholarly Writing: Demonstrates mastery and proficiency in scholarly written communication at the doctoral level.
Quality of References and Assignment Organization: Demonstrates mastery using relevant and quality sources and uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content from the module readings or other sources to support ideas, convey understanding of the topic and shape the whole work.
Citing Sources: Demonstrates mastery applying APA formatting standards to both in-text citations and the reference list.
Professionalism and Timeliness: Demonstrates excellence in taking responsibility for learning; adhering to course requirement policies and expectations. Assignment submitted on time or collaborated with professor for an approved extension on due date.

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