Travel Agency Business

Travel Agency Business

New London Travels (NLT) is an established travel agency in the town of New London. New London has a growing population and with the increasing use of internet in home

and at work it is anticipated that the business of NLT will expand. As transport links improve it is anticipated that potential customers from several smaller towns in

the area will also visit or call NLT to book holidays.
Currently NLT employs three booking officers, two administrative staff, 1 telephone operator and four call desk assistants.
Assignment requirements:
As an ICT Consultant you have been asked to produce a Proposal for a new computer and IT system to meet the current needs of NLT and to allow for future expansion as

the business grows.
Your proposal should take the form of;
• an informative section on computer platforms
• the specifications of proposed hardware, software and OS solutions
• system integration testing plans
Additionally, you have to produce Four Supplements
1. A Test Plan that checks the main hardware and software components, using standard techniques
2. A User Document that explains how to use the system
3. A Security Policy Document that specifies the organisation’s security policy
4. A Health and Safety Document, with conformance details for health and safety requirements
In a real-world, competitive situation your Proposal should be both technically sound and professionally presented.
Therefore accurate research of up-to-date material, with a demonstration of good technical understanding, correct referencing, a good standard of English and an

appealing presentation would be expected.

a. The initial part of your proposal should describe the scenario and how your solution applies to the problem. It should specify the overall system to meet the stated

requirements. [Assessment Criteria: 3b]
b. Provide a detailed specification of your solution, including costing and sources. Costing should be researched (for a UK sourcing). It should specify the machine

components or sub-systems appropriate to the requirement. [Assessment Criteria: 1a, 3a]
c. Describe a testing process to ensure that important specifications and characteristics are met. It should also evaluate the performance of the proposed system

[Assessment Criteria: 1b]
d. Describe the solution as an overall integrated system, from the organisations point of view, and how it would typically work in practice. It should compare

currently available operating systems and suggest how these can be customised. [Assessment Criteria: 2a, 2b]
In addition to your PROPOSAL there should be a set of brief appendices containing:
e. A test plan document. This explains your strategy for testing of the hardware and software components before installation. [Assessment Criteria: 4a]
f. User documentation. This is like an “office IT instruction sheet” for all staff and users to read. It explains to the user how to use the system. [Assessment

Criteria: 4b]
g. A security policy for your solution. This is your suggested strategy for ensuring system-wide security. [Assessment Criteria: 4c]
h. A Health and Safety document for the use of the organisation. It should also demonstrate that the system meets health and safety requirements


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