Quality of involvement and analys;tIS‘.I

Quality of involvement and analys;tIS‘.I <t3)0’“OCV’V 900 words. However, ,t ,5 5: y

Length can be a factor’ try not to a te am a better grade, nor does this
necessary to go beyond 1200 words 0 e
guarantee a better gra _ d ewes to be
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For Question #1 You are making an argument for W Y
identified 3’5 art . t lities of the work.
s on the forma qua
Depending on the work you choose, your argument might focu Hes are those elements and
The term “forma” in an refers to the art wOrk’St:ORrrt/i1st:(::rlino:Is:Ls:atcI) [create the finished piece.
principles of the visual la‘nguage (design) that 9 3
Guide to a Formal Ana ysis: . _ _ _ D n,,[ be afraid to State the
Start wuh a genera‘ descnpnon and move on t'(:iSF:/(:c(>:r1lt<IC§f artoto someone who will never be
obvious. Pretend you are describing an amazi g
able to see it. , . 7 – – – ‘ {C9
N t lstic? Expressionis l
is the work representational? To what degree? Realistic a Ufa I
Highly abstract?
is it nonrepresentational? What is the.subJe)ct matter?t Ca” 7
How is balanced achievedt? fS3rI1mmetFIC:”Y -re/;~5Ymme “ Y-
Describe the arrangemen o s apes or igu . th _ 7
What did you notice first (focal point) and how does ylour eye meori‘/i::ilr3‘outoin<:)p)iece.
How is the focal point established (value contrast, co oiri size, v I Usegdp)
HOW is ‘me Used? -How ‘8 Value Used. 7 Owtfi CO (t)’rt se size ro ression
How is space defined? is it_deep or shallow space. Does e ar IS uh ‘ p g t_
overlap, value contrast, vertical alignment, linear perspective, atmosp eric perspec ive,
andlor color to create a sense of space?
Your argument might focus on content or message. Idea art is often termed Conceptual. This
would be appropriate for many works from the mid 20 century on. But, of course, not all.
Guide to a conceptual analysis:
What is the message, if any? What, if anything, is happening?
How is the message made? How are the materials used to convey the message?
What do you think it means? How does this work make you feel?
What is the intent of the artist? Is knowledge of this intent necessary?
Who is the audience for this piece? What do you think was the purpose of this piece?
Question #2 What is the Art Work’s “DNA?” What works or artists may have
influenced or provided inspiration to it? Use valid information. Speculate in an
informed manner. Do not make up random stuff. All the information you need is
right there!
This is where you consider what you have learned and discovered in class and engage your
powers of observation to make connections. This is where you engage your gray matter, your
Look at the exhibit. There will be many things here to provide answers. Museum exhibits are
carefully arranged. Are there similar works in the exhibit? Are they from the same time period?
Are the works very different and is this difference meaningful?
tlgou afiefto identify at least two pieces in the exhibit that accompany your chosen work. Put them
tha;v;r( O(3Sl’ey”O1l:’. Are th?eyViri any way influential? Do the works reflect philosophies or aesthetics
p I uences. 1 hether you choose an earring from Ancient Rome, an Egyptian mummy
ora wall sized abstract painting, these questions have answers. A

This essay is a documentation of a museum visit to the RISD museum in Wl”lI(,:l’l you zire tn t..r..r»,.t,«., 9.;
one work of art. You may select any piece, any medium (or media) in the museum not a
research paper.
n th. It must be com uter generated, and posted to
The essay is to be 1000 1200 words in le g _ E t RlSD
the class forum in a new post with your name as the subject. You ave access 0
computers, use them if you need to. No excuses accepted.’ I
The first lines of your post must have the following information.
Your name and class meeting day and time
Title of the work of art and the artist’s name
Look at the work. Look at it hard. Look at it up close. Walk’all the way around it, if possibleé llfhetn
take a few steps back (watch that case behind you, you don t want to back into it) and try o a e I
all in. You will be repeating this step as you take notes for your essay. Try to take observations
from the more general to more specific. See the back of this sheet for questions to ggi_qe you (not
all questions are pertinent to all works of art). Look harder, see more.
The paper is divided into two parts:
1) Answer the question: How for why) is this a work of art?
Your argument may be formal or conceptual. it may be a mix of both. See the back of this sheet
2) Answer the question: V What influences do you think
inspired this work?
You are reguired to describe the room or the display of the art work. Identify two other
i art works in the same room. Describe how they relate or contrast each other, without writing

lengthy description of the other pieces.
if (HINT: these influences, the work‘s “DNA,” can often be found in the way the museum displays the work)

224 Benefit St, Providence, RI 02903 Museum Hours:

(401) 454-6500 Tuesdays through Sundays, 10 am – 5 pm

The museum is closed on July 4 Thursday, 10 am – 9 pm

Late essa s cannot and will not be acce ted. The forums register the ‘date and time you
posted. Please discuss any problems you may have with your teacher prior to the due date of the
paper. Skipping class the day the essay is due is not an option. You will have both the missed
paper and the skipped class on record. Only the Summer Sessions Office or Health Service can

excuse an absence and onl for validtreasons, and these are unlikely to apply to the entire week
you had to complete your assignmen
l Be sure to make and keep a copy of your essay for yerigr rerrgorggil even

lt’s tempting to type directly into the forum, but you shouljd L:/:E:]’:Ii/rt: UgrC>%terVaC]iSPSO9yOU donyt
a simple text editor to make it easy to edit your work, an s . E f m est . and email
i can copy-paste your work into t e oru p_
3 lose what you Just typed. Then you _ t war to prove the Ongmamy of your

yourself the text file -which you may need at some pom . 61

work, or to ask for a letter of recommendation later.

Estimated resale value at the end of year 4 of each project is £40,000. Profit is calculatet.
after deducting straight line depreciation, the cost of capital is 16%. You are asked to carry
out a full investment appraisal of two projects under the following appraisal techniques

Payback period

Accounting rate of return

Net present value
You should evaluate the above techniques and advice the Directors appropriate techniques
to be used to make a decision on which project in your opinion should be undertaken.
You should assess the viability of a project using investment appraisal techniques
(This provides evidence of Learning Outcome: 03: Assessment criteria 3. 3)
You are asked to analyse and compare the performance of the below financial statements.
Use the data for the two consecutive years, comments on it by making the use of full range
of ratios and also all calculations should be attached as an appendix in your assignment.


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